Do you believe (as we do) that to be effective in coaching, the coach needs to:

  • Possess excellent empathic qualities?
  • Be an excellent listener?
  • Be credible?
  • Work from a basis of connection and contact?
  • Constantly reflect on her own authenticity?
  • Emanate credibility and integrity as important values?
  • Be willing to challenge her client by sharing acute observations?
  • Have the courage to use her own personal and professional experience to further the coaching process?


Coaching in the Judicial Branch

I have been coaching and counselling judges and judicial staff members since 2013. As a learning organization, the judiciary invests in quality and personal development. By regularly reflecting on one’s own behaviour and talking to others about their talents, the employee grows as a professional, and thus the organization becomes more professional. We support this process with personal coaching and intervision.

Development occurs on, but never over, the boundaries of your comfort zone. We incite with questions and believe that the educational yield is highest, and thus most effective, if there is ‘tension’. Always in safe surroundings.

Want to learn more about the way I work?

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