Mediation and labour

Mediation and Labour

Conflict on the Shop-Floor

Mediation and Labour Go Well Together


Conflicts on the shop-floor are pre-eminently suited to mediation. In labour conflicts, the source often lies in miscommunication. Result: tense or poisoned labour relations.

Under the supervision of a mediator, both parties start communicating again. If a situation threatens to come to a standstill, it is therefore advisable to bring in a mediator. A mediator can help prevent or repair poisoned labour relations.


When continuation of the labour relations no longer is an option, exit-mediation can be a solution. Exit-mediation is a supervised negotiation process between employer and employee during the course of termination of the labour contract. During the course of exit-mediation, insight in a solution that is acceptable for both parties can be quickly gained. In many cases, this prevents high legal costs.

Advice to Representative Advisory Bodies in Educational Organizations

Representative advisory bodies play an important role in educational organizations. Close cooperation is very important. In practice, there can be conflicts of interests. During supervised meetings in which all parties sit together, it often becomes clear that the differences are much smaller than was initially thought, do not exist at all, or can be overcome. It is not uncommon that insight in and understanding of one another’s responsibilities clears the air, resulting in a common interest.